Something Worth Gossiping About

Remember those teen years, when it seemed that minor blips in your daily adolescent experience were picked up on the radar of others?  A generic comment in passing suddenly became a pointed statement that blossomed into a need to magnify and dissect hidden meanings or, worse yet, rectify situations that existed only in your own imagination.  As Taylor Swift attests: “Another day, another drama, drama.”

The most beautiful aspect of being in your thirties is that you start to leave behind the dependent parts of your personality.  The insecurity of teen years and social transformation of the twenties evolves into an era of loving yourself for you who are without caring about what others think.  It’s time for some self-appreciation!

I’m reminded of the wisdom of Socrates, who taught that when it comes to gossip, there is a Triple Filter Test to follow: is it True, is it Good, or is it Useful?  In the case of my recent trinket infatuation, I believe we can safely check-off the triumvirate.  So let’s gossip a bit about affordable luxury, shall we?

Mejuri for Christmas

I was drawn to Mejuri for two reasons.  Firstly, the brand is founded on the feminist idea that women should be empowered to make their own jewelry decisions, and buy fine jewelry for themselves, instead of waiting for them to be gifted. (Not to say that the hubby shouldn’t be encouraged to expand my collection because let’s be honest, that should totally happen.)  The brand also supports independent designers and ensures that all of its diamonds are ethically sourced.

Mejuri Stack Rings

Top: Solo Black Diamond Ring; Left: Beaded Ring; Right: Twist Ring

Since I don’t wear much jewelry, I especially love the understated minimalism of the designs.  My go-to wardrobe editions are a three-piece stack and a simple black diamond necklace.  Black gemstones are beautiful in contrast to a traditional yellow-gold and can be paired with most color palettes, so they are the perfect addition to any beginner collection.

Treat Yourself to Mejuri

These rings also give me serious Tolkien-vibes.  My precious.

Mejuri Under The Tree

I’ve already added a few additional Mejuri items to my Christmas wishlist, so Santa, if you’re reading this, hook a girl up and I promise not to spill your secrets.

Mejuri Nightstand