#StuddedKiss and Kat Von D

French historians often refer to “lieu de memoire” – people, places, things, even events that remind you of something significant.  For instance, whenever I see black stilettos or pointy boots, I think of my husband.  Our first date happened on a busy Spring day nearly a decade ago, but in preparation, I sat in my shared apartment with a roommate and her boy-of-the-moment and ten different pairs of black heels.  Each one inevitably worked with my dress, but I wanted the perfect one.  And I remember this scene vividly, including the puzzled look on the gent’s face as to why I didn’t just go with Shoe #1.


A pet peeve of mine: billboards with missing letters. I need more “T”s … don’t shoot me!

I imagine this similar search for perfection was experienced by the team over at Kat Von D Beauty, who have just finished reformulating the Studded Kiss Lipstick.  I’ve been a fan of the tubes for a while, especially the shades “Noble” and “Homegirl” (which are on sale for $12 at Sephora to make room for the new launch, btw).  Yet, my excitement was tantamount to the thrill of a first date when my mailman delivered a pre-launch of “Cathedral” … so much for my Project Pan goals, since this baby is getting first priority for the next month.


Notice that the new formula has a monochromatic tube, instead of the silver of the original

The best way to describe the new formulation would be to stress that it’s creamier than ever and potentially even more pigmented.  I’ve usually lost my color after the first Starbucks run of the day, and “Cathedral” lasted me from 9-5.  It also seems to be set to retail for $19, which I believe is cheaper than the $21 price tag I’m used to.  That is a steal, since the closest lipstick I could think to compare the creaminess to is Tom Ford.


Shade & Light Palette is clutch, although my SIL bought Saint & Sinners – the colors!

I am so stoked for this launch that I begged my hubby for a date night.  We’re in luck that Restaurant Week is about to start in our little town.  With snow on the ground, my pointy black boot choice is set, but I don’t know which Kat Von D shade I should go with.  Help me out?

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