Nefelibata, or Walking {on} Sunshine?

This week has been frigid, and dreary weather combined with holiday fatigue certainly makes indoors seem enticing.  I am a bit of a Wild Heart, however, and I get Cabin Fever pretty quickly.  Thus I forced myself to venture out into the world today, and it was the perfect excuse to don a casual “It’s Cold AF” outfit.


Okay, really, I’ve just been wanting to show off my new Vans.  It took me a while to find the perfect pair.  I tried the traditional Old Skool version, but they were really too heavy for my feet and felt clunky with my non-skater choice of attire.  Then I considered some of the more fashion-forward colors, like those currently on display at Madewell, but my New Year’s goal is really to transition to more of a Capsule wardrobe, and I wanted a neutral or basic that would get some real use.  Old Skool Lite seemed like the perfect compromise, and are totally worth the extra ten bucks for the comfort and fit.  They make me want to go balance on things and climb a few buildings.


No, really.  I legitimately get pumped to climb buildings when wearing Vans.  I did so today.  I feel like the philosophers would approve.  There’s this Portuguese term: Nefelibata, which translates roughly to “cloud walker”… I actually have it on a denim jacket, which I happened to wear today.  Usually, I reserve this jacket for witty repartee regarding Coehlo’s ‘The Alchemist’ (which, unlike the rest of the world, I don’t think is as brilliant as it’s made out to be.  See instead: Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse.  Same idea, more profound).  Paired with a knit sweater, it’s actually warm and efficient for outings while temps are in the 20s.  Win-win?


This is a hot water pipe.  I’m clinging to it for warmth more than leverage.

Vacation is almost over and it will be time to get back to office looks and conformist expectations, but I hope you’ll spend a few more days enjoying 2017 and not rush the New Year.


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