Homme for the Holidays

Christmas is here and with it our yearly holiday trek to see family and make more gingerbread cookies than should be allowed.  I vowed to myself that I would attempt to wear “real clothes” instead of pajamas for at least one full day on this vacation, more out of respect to the Spirit of the gathering than anything else.

This seemed like the perfect weekend, then, to bust out my Mom-jeans.  I had been consciously avoiding this style of denim, despite its recent rise in popularity, not out of a true aversion, but simply because I wasn’t ready to retire cigarette pants.  There’s something to be said for a tailored leg, am I right?  However, I found a great pair in this cut from &OtherStories, in a perfect blue wash that feels and wears like classic denim.


Mom-jeans can be worn detrimentally – there, I said it.  Usually, I like to pair this style with a chunky heel and a top in a cool material and silhouette (think: Madewell’s velvet tee … in champagne … yes!)  I find that it’s hard to balance proportions.  But then my mind whisked away to days of YSL “Le Smoking” and a time when women in pants was still a faux pas and thought, “Why not go ‘homme’ for the holidays?”  At this point, what’s more American than classic denim?  Isn’t Christmas about tradition?  Could I channel John Wayne?


I paired my jeans with a silk Equipment blouse (another closet staple), and some Calvin Klein loafers.  I wanted to pay homage to the Christmas palette without stealing the show from Mrs. Claus, so my red top is actually a snakeskin print.  A Prana hat finished the ensemble.


Now I’m off to another Christmas task: expressing my culinary skills in the making of roasted tomato soup.  Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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