In Search of Truth and Beauty

Whether you are of the philosophical bent that beauty is objective, or aesthetically subjective, one thing can be agreed upon: beauty is personal.  In 2012, I walked into a Sephora and entered a long-term, monogamous relationship with the beauty starship.  Sure, I was adventurous and tried new things: a Nars obsession branched out to YSL, Marc Jacobs lip coiffretts graced every empty space of my vanity, and Smashbox primers became non-negotiable staples.  It’s no surprise that as friends began to whisper of a new line of beauty products I didn’t give the susurrations much heed; I assumed if the finds were any good, they’d show up next to the latest K-Beauty finds at my mecca.

Chalk it up to a six-year itch, or maybe some sort of “I turned 30” crisis, but I began to cheat on my amour-maquillage and try other merchandisers.  This included diving into the world of Glossier and … well … the truth of the matter is that I am enjoying this little triste.


As with any new relationship, I decided to stick to the essentials.  I made a list of basic needs that would replenish year-end empties in my collection: concealer, brow tint, lip balm.  Once on the website, I realized they actually had “phases” of products that helped you purchase necessities.  The “Phase 2” set ($40) came with both the Stretch Concealer (I chose “Light”), and the Boy Brow (I chose “Brown”), as well as an additional lip product (I chose “Cake” and plan to gift it for the holidays).  With two of my checklist needs met, I searched for lip balm and settled on the Balm Dotcom Trio ($30) – I’m a sucker for witty puns.  In was a hard decision, but I chose Coconut for myself, and Cherry and Mint to gift.  At this point, I considered my dalliance a success and became distracted by the cute sticker app (you won’t regret giving it a download).


My infatuation grew once my order came.  The order arrived with travel-friendly pink bubble pouches.  Two thumbs-up to the packaging design team, am I right?  I’ve already stored this away for my Spring break trip to Belize.


However, I did have one huge regret.  If you’ve followed my Instagram, you know that I tested a sample of the Priming Moisturizer … and it was magical.  Alas, I had just purchased the new Smashbox Primerizer, but I’m dreaming of the day when I can be reunited with this buildable hydrating creme.  My face felt like fluffy clouds in a unicorn municipality.  If you can’t imagine what that would be like, try it for yourself.



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