Faux Fur-losophy

Kant once boasted: “Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it!”  This is actually a paraphrasing of Descartes, but in essence, he is attempting to explain gravitational forces.  There is one thing that I tend to gravitate towards in my own little fashion world, and that’s fur.  Unlike Michael Kors and his newest “no-fur” pledge, I’m going to be honest in the matter and admit that I have worn, and still own, real fur.  In consideration of ethical consciousness, going the vintage route is certainly the best way to source such items.  For those of you who have stumbled upon this confession and are aghast, rest assured that my most recent obsession is faux.


The one item I’ve allowed myself to invest in this winter season is a new coat.  I have always gravitated to traditional wool jackets with a 1920s vibe.  However, in recent years, I’ve bolstered my wardrobe with the ubiquitous puffer, a pink trench, and a swing coat.  It was time to purchase a basic that would serve as a foundational winter piece for years to come.  I found the perfect item by my favorite Paris Atelier and could not have been happier.  This particular coat has a removable (yes, REMOVABLE!) faux fur collar, which means I could fulfill my fashion needs while still ensuring my pick could be worn anywhere, on any occasion.  You can never go wrong with a solid navy.


Pros to a fur collar: I could look like Tinie Tempah, the added weight on one’s shoulders is comforting, it negates the need for a scarf, and who doesn’t like to pet themselves?  Cons to a fur collar: ………..



I do admit that traditional pieces can seem dated at times, so I like pairing mine with a suede ballcap to up the modern vibe, and add just a bit of a heel for height since a longer style can shorten one’s silhouette.  How do you wear your (faux) fur?


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