Activities to Aid Infancy Development

Activity 1: Play Mat Exploration

Setting up a play mat on the floor is a great way to dangle toys above your baby, encouraging curiosity and exploration.  Hand-eye coordination will be strengthened as the infant focuses on a specific toy from the selection, and then attempts to grasp it for further inquiry.  Kicking the toys, whether deliberate or intentional, will lay the cornerstones for more deliberate leg motions (later stages of crawling & walking).

Loehr, J., & Meyers, J. (2009). Raising your child: The complete illustrated guide: A parenting timeline of what to do at every age and stage of your child’s development. Beverly, MA: Fair Winds Press.


Activity 2: Couch Cushion Obstacle Course

Around 9 to 12 months, infants enjoy activities with more movement and assisted play with their parents.  A great way to interact is to set up a couch cushion obstacle course.  You can place the cushions on the floor, and then model for your child different ways of navigating around or over the obstacles.  Once your child has mastered the initial activity, make it more complex by spacing out the cushions, incorporating other objects, or changing the design.

Durocher, H. J. (2006, December). Best Baby Games: Birth to 18 Months. Retrieved February 07, 2016, from

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