Primary/Secondary Source Evaluations

Last Spring, I began research to answer an essential question: “How do reluctant learners perform in a project-based classroom?”

My interest piqued when I discovered that my then-department would be transitioning to project-based learning, but having a hard time identifying with which courses to implement the Governor’s initiative.  Many of the students in the district’s Standard track were reluctant learners, and the administration had heretofore encouraged a more traditional approach in those classrooms.  Those students also tended to perform poorly on high-stakes assessments.  I wanted to discover if there was evidence to suggest that PBL would potentially benefit those students.  Likewise, I wanted to research whether PBL was ever documented to cause a decline in achievement with similar groups of learners, suggesting that the initiative might best be implemented with a different track of students.

My initial sources analysis can be found HERE.



  1. […] the initial development of my research question surrounding Project-Based Learning, and my cursory analysis of two initial sources, I began to compile a comprehensive reference list of valuable sources related to PBL.  You can […]

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