Effect of Academic Performance on Student Behavior

For a detailed group methodology presentation addressing the effect of academic performance on student behavior, go HERE

It is common for researchers to consider how behavior impacts academic achievement, but can the tables be turned?  Does falling short of academic expectations, such as receiving news of a failed standardized test, increase negative behavior in students?  Putnam (2006) found a correlation between reading competence in kindergarten and the rate of office discipline referrals in third grade.  This correlation was replicated when examining fourth grade reading fluency scores and fifth grade patterns of behavior.  Our study aimed to examine the more immediate effect that poor quarterly performance or the receipt of a failing high-stakes test score might have on problem behavior.  It is important to define behavior as negative behavior that is isolated from attention-based disorders.  Here we are referring to behaviors commonly addressed on school discipline referral forms, such as inappropriate language, aggression, or truancy.  By examining the relationship between achievement and potential manifestations of disappointment, administrators might be able to proactively design academic-based behavioral support systems for short-term implementation.

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