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When fashionista’s travel, we travel in style! Today I’ve teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to giveaway some beautiful travel accessories perfect for any woman out there! One lucky reader will receive a Ted Baker London Large Cascade Floral Hard Shell Suitcase (valued at $498), a Kate Spade Daveney Laptop bag (valued at $298) AND a Kate Spade Cedar Street Passport Holder (valued at $98). How great is that prize? All you have to do is enter through the rafflecopter widget below! Good luck!


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Official Rules: Giveaway will run from August 10th until August 17th at midnight. Winner will be chosen at random and will be emailed within 48 hours of the giveaway ending. All entries will be verified to make sure they were done correctly. This giveaway is open internationally.

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Lashem 3-in-1 Bright Eye Give-Away

You might remember that I tried, and loved, Lashem: Extensions in a Bottle back in February.  So I’m definitely excited for this amazing give-away opportunity with Lashem 3-in-1 Bright Eye!  There’s nothing I hate more than having great make-up ruined by tired looking eyes.

Do you have dark circles, puffiness, aging under-eye skin? [Raises hand reluctantly]  Lashem 3-in-1 Bright Eye tackles these problems naturally by hydrating, nourishing, and conditioning.  And did I mention that the product is cruelty-free?

You can purchase this miracle in a bottle by visiting http://www.lashem.com, or visiting Nordstrom, Walgreen’s, and other major beauty retailers.  In fact, through July 31, if you purchase Lashem 3-in-1 Bright Eye, you can receive Picture Perfect FREE!

Better yet, you can enter the Lashem 3-in-1 Bright Eye Giveaway!  Go ahead, what are you waiting for?


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Steal the Spotlight with Covergirl’s New Mascara and Eyeliner!

I wouldn’t call myself a drugstore mascara girl.  I use, for the most part, Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ from my Naked on the Run (I wasn’t a fan at first, but it quickly grew on me).  Which is why I am so incredibly surprised at how much I like Covergirl’s new mascara and eyeliner.  [Many thanks to CG for sending these my way, XOXO]


This mascara is called ‘Super Sizer’ – and not just for the fat tube that it comes in.  I have a healthy dose of thick, dark lashes to begin with (thank you, French genes), and it’s rare that I find a mascara that can really amplify what I’m already working with (and do so without looking clumpy).  But this mascara makes my natural lashes look like #AmateurHour – applied, huzzah, larger-than-life.  It gives me the same affect as if I applied some super-sized Mink lashes, and we all know that’s one bandwagon I haven’t jumped onto.  Covergirl calls it ‘400% corner to corner volume’, and I would have to agree.  Mega-wow!

Covergirl refers to the ‘Super Sizer’ wand as a ‘Lash Styler’.  You begin by placing it flat-side at the base of the lashes for an immediate drenching of mascara.  Then twirl-comb the volume from root to tip.  The short bristles on the wand – erm, ‘Lash Styler’ – apply the mascara, and the longer bristles comb it through.

The eyeliner is called ‘Intensify Me!’ and that it does.  I’m usually afraid to venture into cat-eye territory (although I have tried before with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Feline Flick’) but this eyeliner has a paddle-shaped tip – I’ve never seen anything like this before!  It’s almost like a hybrid – I felt in control, like if I was using a traditional pencil, but the color pigmentation was definitely akin to a liquid liner.  Instead of needing two products, you could easily use this for a thick/dramatic eye, as well as a thin/elegant eye.

Have you tried the new Covergirl ‘Lashblast’ items?  What’s your go-to drugstore mascara?

#MaskMonday: TONYMOLY [I’m Real] Tomato Face Mask Sheet

About three weeks ago, I snuggled in for #MaskMonday and tried the [I’m Real] Lemon Face Mask from TONYMOLY’s Collection.  It was a great experience, so I took the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the brand tonight: just me, some chocolate fudge cookies, The #Bachelorette #MenTellAll, and the [I’m Real] Tomato Face Mask Sheet!


Did I mention that my husband joined in on the #MaskMonday fun yet again?

This mask definitely didn’t disappoint, and was a big WIN for sheet mask proponents.  I went into the experience wondering if there would be much difference between the ‘brightening’ of the lemon mask, and the ‘radiance’ of this tomato one.  I think there is!  I kept the mask on for the full 30 minutes, patted in the remaining product, and now an hour later it’s still sinking into my skin.  Hello hydration!

Fun fact: the mask didn’t really smell like tomatoes.  With the focus on [I’m Real], and my experience with the lemon mask (which was very citrusy), I expected this mask to smell a bit like a garden salad.  Certainly, when you try a cucumber mask you get that experience.  But despite my tomato-less disappointment, the scent was incredibly pleasing and relaxing.  I wish I could pin-point the fragrant notes, but alas.  Just know this: thumbs up!

Have you tried any of the TONYMOLY masks?  What masks have you been loving lately?

5 Thing I Learned At Sephora’s Eyebrow Contour Class

Sephora’s ‘In Studio’ classes have FINALLY trickled down to my location, so I took the opportunity to sign up for the ‘Eyebrow Contour’ selection.  If you remember, I never did much of anything with my brows before Thanksgiving, so I would call myself an eyebrow amateur.  True to form, I learned a LOT from our instructor.  Scroll down for some of my new tips and tricks:



Apply an Eye Serum under your eye directly before your concealer.  Eye serums are something I’ve invested in, but I usually utilize them as part of a nighttime routine, and I’m not very religious about that.  I tried out the Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, and it instantly helped lighten my tired (Sunday morning) eyes.

Use a concealer one shade lighter than your true-match to brighten dark circles under the eye.  ‘Custard’ is a perfect match for me in the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, so I’ll actually get a better result by utilizing ‘Vanilla’ to brighten the under-eye region.

Use a Smudge Brush with a Dark Brown Eyeshadow in lieu of Eye Liner.  I’ve actually smudged my crease shadow on my lower lash line for months now, but still opt for a gel liner every now and then for the lids.  Today, I smudged shadow from the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette and it revolutionized my eye routine.  Not only did it provide a more dramatic (yet natural) look, it worked more seamlessly for my eye shape.  I don’t have hooded eyes, but they’re close to being hooded, and sometimes a liner will have the opposite effect of what it should on my look.  The shadow really helped my eyes ‘pop’ in all the right places.  KVD instantly went into my basket.

Brows should be lighter in the middle and darker on the end.  This is really the biggest take-away of the class.  I have been utilizing a eye pencil for my brows, but the true genius lies in utilizing a product like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo.  This makes perfect sense – if you use a single shade, your brows will be mono-toned.  Use two complimentary shades and blend them, and the results are #OnFleek.  My brows are a pretty perfect match in color to my hair, so I used the ‘Soft Brown’ shades.  If your brows are lighter, you actually want to go a bit darker in your powder; if your brows are darker, you’ll want to go a bit lighter in your powder.

Turn your mascara wand vertically when applying under-eye.  This might seem like a needless trick, but it’s incredible!  Do you ever get a little bit of fall-out under your eye?  This helps to prevent that, and really ensures you’re defining the individual lashes without clumping.  I used the Diorshow Mascara, and although I’m currently happy with my lash rotation, this would be a GREAT product and wand for someone who is replacing their product arsenal.

Have you tried Eyebrow Contouring?  What are your go-to eye products?

Spongellé Beyond Cleansing – Luxury Spa Products At Home

Regular readers know that I am all about prioritizing baths in my weekly routine, but it’s still very rare that I find a shower product with that ‘wow’ factor.  Maybe I’m biased, or maybe I appreciate the fact that Spongelle’s Infused Body Buffers work for both showers and baths, because I am in love.


These are sponges that contain exotic extracts, moisturizers, and cleansers – an all-in-one experience.  You simply squeeze it under the water to activate, and then squeeze out the remaining water at the end of your session so that it’s ready to store until the next use.  Genius.

The fragrance of the sponge was a nice fresh scent, very organic.  Who wouldn’t want to experience ‘Mandarin Mint’?  It has that lingering quality that you might associate with bar soaps.  The lather was rich and creamy, a pleasant experience that gently cleansed.

I used both a Flower Body Buffer, and a Pedi Buffer.  I do think ‘buffer’ is a bit of a misnomer, because it didn’t have any exfoliating qualities, nor did it do the work of a pumice stone.  But the creaminess of the cleanser did soften my feet, and it did so in a manner quite pleasing to someone who has the world’s most ticklish feet.  Thumbs up for that.  And I love that you get about 14 washes out of the Body Buffer and 30 out of the Pedi Buffer.

I’ll definitely continue to use Spongelle products in my cleansing routine.  They’re carried at Anthropologie, so I might make a quick trip downtown to see what I can drum up.  Have you utilized any products from the line before?  What do you think of this infused-sponge technology?


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Morning Lavender Floppy Hat

With runway pros like Rebecca Minkoff, Paul & Joe, JW Anderson, Koonhor (etc etc etc) all giving the ‘nod’ (har har) to floppy hats this season, I knew I had to break out my beauty from Morning Lavender.  And what better day to do so than on a Sunday, strolling through one of Virginia’s most idyllic college campuses (Randolph Macon Women’s College, Lynchburg, VA)?


I wanted to keep things lady-like, but add a little bohemian flare, so I paired it with this leopard-print dress from Zara, and some white Birkenstocks.  I love the sleeves on this frock – with a light-weight, sheer fabric, it gives some protection from the summer sun without adding a true layer in case temperatures rise.





What’s your go-to Summer accessory?


#MaskMonday: TONYMOLY [I’m Real] Lemon Face Mask Sheet

Woohoo!  #MaskMonday !!  It’s been a while since I’ve tried a new sheet mask, so I was super excited to experience the [I’m Real] Lemon Face Mask from TONYMOLY’s Collection.  This is a Brightening mask, which is just what I needed after returning from a Bachelorette Weekend in the mountains of Colorado.  Not to mention, Korean skincare is #OnFleek, so I knew I was in for a treat.  Since the mask comes in a 2 pack, I even convinced the Mister to get in on the fun.  I’m sure he figures that if he’s roped into Bachelorette Monday, he might as well go Big.  (He has tried one other mask with me before – remember this one?)



As with all sheet masks I’ve tried before, I had a little bit of difficulty unfolding the sheet because of the amount of product saturating the material, but it worked.  Since it’s a pretty thick sheet (3 layers), I didn’t feel as prone to tear it as I have with others, which helped.  In the long run, I suppose anyone would rather have too-much serum than not-enough.  I utilized it for the full 30 minutes (it recommends 20-30), and had quite a bit of liquid to pat in at the end.  I could definitely feel the product on my face for another hour afterwards.

As with all lemon products, I was a little worried about too much of a ‘cleaning supply’ smell, but the lemon was actually very pleasant.  I described it to the Mister ‘as if someone squeezed fresh lemon into my sweet tea‘ – which isn’t a bad lemon scent with which to hang out!  Surprisingly, the Mister commented that he wished the mask had MORE of a lemon scent, because he was looking forward to that experience.

Did it brighten?  I would definitely say that the dry patches on my skin have disappeared, and my face overall feels more hydrated.  Some of the ‘problem spots’ on my chin have evened out.  The Mister described his post-mask skin as ‘smooth, firm and supple’ – I think that’s a manly thumbs up!

Would I purchase this again?  At $7.50 (for TWO!) it’s cheaper than any other mask I’ve utilized (even the similar Sephora masks).  I have some more from this line, so I’m interested to try them out and see the results.  And the Mister is willing to give sheet masks a second go-round, as well.  Overall success!

Have you used any of the TONYMOLY masks?  Do you have another mask you’d recommend I try?

YB Green Necklace + Cream Romper

I can’t get enough of my YB Green necklace (did you see my Instagram from earlier this week?)


Not only is it a staple delicate for summer, the message behind the design is so inspiring.  YB (Yasmin Bowers) makes all of her jewelry from upcycled glass; that is, she makes a conscious effort to recycle in communities that cannot recycle or are finding ways to improve their environment.    She founded the collection in 2009, working in the 9th Ward of New Orleans when the city stopped recycling glass (this was the era of Hurricane Katrina).  I encourage you to check out this collection:  www.ybgreen.net or info@ybgreen.net


I loved sporting the necklace with my cream romper from Lush (which I picked up a while ago from the local Fedora Boutique) and some simple Merona sandals.  What better way to enjoy the summer weather?


Have you checked out YB Green before?  Have other upcycled favorites?  Let me know!


OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant

I’ve always been hesitant about regular exfoliation, because even though I have pretty normal skin, it does become a little sensitive in certain situations.  But since I’ve started utilizing more serums as part of my skincare routine, I’ve recognized that I need to add a good exfoliator in order to truly maximize the benefits of my other products.


What I particularly love about OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant is that it is a powder, to which you add water, turning it into a gentle scrub.  This gave me more peace-of-mind than a pad soaked in acid (a very common exfoliator type), and woo-hoo — it doesn’t hurt my skin, inflame it, or even turn it red.  I certainly hit the jackpot this time around, unlike a woman I recently spent a Bachelorette Weekend with, you related a tale of going for microdermabrasion and having derma-cuts that scabbed.  No thank you!

What’s the secret?  Bamboo (which exfoliates, unclogs pores, etc) and Green Tea (rich in antioxidants, which helps collagen and spurns free-radicals).  I’ve definitely been on an Asian Skincare kick lately, and even though OZ Naturals is made in the US, it definitely adheres to the same beauty philosophy.

Check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think!


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