#TryItTuesday: Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you already know that I’m constantly on the search for a perfect shampoo & conditioner.  Don’t worry, I’m still loyal to my John Barrett.  But sometimes a girl needs to switch it up.  Remember when I tried the Herbal Essence set?

So for this #TryItTuesday, I hopped in the shower with a sample of Caviar’s Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner.


Seeing as how we just emerged from negative temperatures, I was most excited about the “replenishing moisture” claim of this shampoo.  I feel like it did the trick.  After one wash my hair is still a little dry, but the life has been breathed back into it.  There’s something in the shampoo that seems to have made my individual hair shafts very soft & smooth (maybe the silk extract?  the algae?) Even more exciting, my tangles are gone – I towel dried and blow-dried without even using a brush, and I didn’t have any issues.  This is especially impressive because, like most postpartum women, I’m losing all of my excess pregnancy hair in chunks.

The shower experience was very enjoyable.  I instantly loved the smell – at first it seemed a little floral, but as I smelled it more closely to try to hone in on the scent it seems more like a clean algae smell.  I say that in the most flattering way possible, because it really was lovely.  I use a green tea foaming cleanser, and the smells went really well together.

So the big question: would I buy this full-size?  I’d definitely be interested to see how it continued to hold up against some of my other products (I have some Bumble & Bumble sitting in the shower).  But it is a little pricey ($32 for the shampoo + $32 for the conditioner = $64!!)

What are you currently using for haircare?


Black Velvet with that Slow Southern Style

If you are now singing the lyrics to an eponymous Alannah Myles song, then my work here is done.

…but I digress.

Perhaps it’s just a quirk of my own, but whenever the world emerges from a snow storm – the streets begin to peek through, children go sledding in suburbia unattended – I have a desire to wear black and stomp it out.  I dance around the house singing J.Lo and making unrelated Miss Jay comments.  #TrueLife



Snow + Sunlight = #SoBright


Pave Chevron Ring – Gold



I just can’t stay away from leopard print….

This lipstick is Lime Crime’s ‘Black Velvet’ (one of their Velvetines, which is a liquid lipstick that dries matte).  Would you ever wear black lipstick?  Let me know!

#Snowmageddon? I’ll Still #GoCommando

It’s OSCAR WEEKEND!  On top of that, we’re all experiencing freezing temperatures, accumulating snowfall – that’s enough to keep some of us inside and snuggled under the blankets in our favorite pajamas.  But I feel a sudden urge of liberation and a desire to romp around in my amazing vintage fur coat, so let’s do this!


 What’s under that coat?  I’m #GoingCommando !

It may be wet aside, but I’ve added a new product to my vanity, and it’s given me the confidence to #GoCommando in even the stormiest of conditions.  Hello, Cottonelle!  They have a new development: Clean Ripple Texture, which keeps you dry and comfy – giving you the boost you need to wear the #Freshest outfits from your closet.  Kanye, you know you want my outerwear….

Let’s kick off the Oscars and join the rest of our #Confident peeps (what up Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner?) as they team up with Cottonelle to #GoCommando in their red carpet gowns.  Do you think this coat would get me on the best or worst dressed list?  Justin can float around N*Sync Reunion rumors, meanwhile I’ll be #BringingSiberiaBack …

Shoot me some photos of how you dare to #GoCommando – to get you started, you can grab a FREE Cottonelle starter kit: some Cleansing Cloths to give you the confidence you need!  Did I mention that I might have started using these cloths for makeup removal?  They are FLUSHABLE!



Thanks to Cottonelle for Sponsoring today’s blog shoot!

4 Lip Glosses I’m #CurrentlyLoving

Back in November, I posted about 5 Red Lips for the Holiday Season, and since then I’ve received quite a few emails from readers who prefer glosses, asking if I had similar suggestions.  I’m definitely a matte lip girl, so my lipstick collection is far greater than my gloss collection.  That being said, there are a few glosses that I can always count on:



Nars in Turkish Delight ($26): This is a nice creamy gloss that looks good both by itself & layered over a lipstick.  I always throw it in my purse for this reason, especially while traveling.  And the packaging is FANTASTIC.  One of the reason I don’t carry too many glosses is to avoid the stickiness you sometimes get, especially in the warmer months, but I’ve never had a problem with Turkish Delight.

Buxom in Katie ($19 for full-size): I carry around this cute little mini, but the full-size is such a great price.  And if you love pink, this color’s for you.  It gives you just a hint of the color with some shine, but that subtlety is what makes it so great.  Like the Nars, this gloss isn’t sticky, but is long-lasting!  Suh-weet!

Stila Lip Glaze in Lights ($22): This shade is pretty hard to find, but it’s very similar to Kaleidoscope. I love the little click-pen applicator that Stila has developed, because I really think it helps with both the application and the life of the product.  You might be able to tell from the photo that I use this SO MUCH it’s about time for a re-fill.  I love the gloss and shine of the Stila line; great for photos!

MAC Alluring Aquatics Lipglass in Seducing Sound ($17):  This is a Limited Edition shade, so I’m trying to be resourceful with it.  I love the bronze glow it gives off, with just a hint of plum to tone down the color.  It goes on pretty thinly, so again, great for layering.  And isn’t MAC’s packaging just adorable?

Let me know if you’ve used any of my go-to glosses, or what you might be carrying around right now.  Anything I can’t live without?

Intensive Skin Treatment with nugg Face Masks

We all know that as I’ve begun to age and face the impending end of my 20s, I’ve begun to place more importance on skincare.  And since I find the use of masks a much easier resolution than other complicated regimens, I gravitate into that realm.

It’s no surprise, then, that I was excited to receive two packs of face masks from nugg: a pack of deep cleansing face masks with cucumber extract & jojoba oil for a shine-free look & feel; and a pack of hydrating face masks with camellia seed oil & spiraling extract to replenish dry skin.


Most of my excitement was directed towards the deep cleansing masks.  You see, I’m still searching for my ‘Holy Grail’ cleansing mask.  I’ve tried many that seem promising, but end up being a little too harsh for my delicate visage.  You know, the kind you peel and leaves your skin taut.  Or the kind that draws out impurities but leaves you with some redness, and a little bit of irritation…. ah yes, no pain, no gain.

But wait!  nugg shot that saying out of the water: not only did I have a pleasantly refreshing mask experience, but I also felt lasting skin benefits aside from a surface clean.  The masks themselves come in little pods (nuggets?) that are fantastic for travel or throwing into your purse overnight.  But the key here is that, unlike some other travel products, the pods have a GENEROUS amount of product.  In fact, I layered the mask on my face, and still ended up asking my husband if he wanted to use the remainder of the pod for himself.  (Answer: he did.  He loved it.)  After 5-10 minutes, I was left with a nice cooling tingle (but nothing like a burn), and was left extra-refreshed after I washed it off.  Even though it was the cleansing mask and not the hydrating mask, my skin still felt moisturized – an added bonus, because we all know many ‘cleansing’ masks can leave your skin a bit dry after use, and require a follow-up moisturizer!

I can’t wait to see what the hydrating mask does for my skin.  Want to grab some for yourself?  Visit: http://www.nuggbeauty.com


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Boot Cuffs, Heart Scallops, Bohemian Lace

Valentine’s Day was so wonderful Chez Mahlburg – tapas, wine, an hour without the miniature princesses.  But with all the buzz and hubbub these days, I decided to forego the standard cocktail dress and opt for an outfit that pretty much embodies life for us these days: comfortable Sam Edelman boots, boot cuffs knitted by my amazing mother-in-law, Kate Spade tights…you get the drift.  I hope your day was filled with love & laughter.


Found this lovely gem in Nelson County


Can you believe it?  I didn’t wear any pink this VDay!


Don’t you want this Pave Chevron Ring?

#SampleSaturday: The Righteous Body Butter – Soap & Glory

Mmmmm, my skin is so happy on this #SampleSaturday.  You see, I just indulged in a deluxe sample of Soap & Glory’s ‘The Righteous Body Butter’.  I would say that this was an attempt to get ready for my long-anticipated Valentine’s Day date, but my mother-in-law reads my blog (Hi, Becky!), so I’m going to be honest and say it was spurred by my adorable toddler telling me that my dry legs ‘had a boo-boo’.



I definitely was not disappointed, and I’m proud to announce that my ‘boo-boo’ is gone – my legs are SO SOFT!  I also really appreciate that this lotion doesn’t have alcohol in it (or so I assume?) because I was able to apply it directly after shaving without any sensitivity.  Don’t you hate when your favorite lotion causes unplanned discomfort if you lather it on too quickly post-scrub?

And the thickness!  It really is like applying butter, and I say that in the best way possible.  No running down the legs – you really have a chance to massage it in, and you can tell because of this that it’s really hydrating and making a difference.  Dry skin, be gone!  It also smells amazing – the scent stayed on my hands for a while, and I kept thinking that it was my second-born’s baby smell (also soothing! and yummy!) but then was reminded that it was this body butter in all its glory.

Would I buy the full-size product?  At $22, I’d say that’s a definite possibility after I make it through my current stash.  I had recently tried another lotion from the European Wax Center, also with good results.  Decisions, decisions….

What lotion or body butter do you use?

Lashem: Extensions in a Bottle!

You may recall from following my beauty posts that I tend not to use false eyelashes.  One, I’m totally uncoordinated and would poke my eye out if I was spending time in the A.M. gluing on falsies.  Two, I have the worst luck ever and they would probably pop up and into my tea while I was lunching with Orlando Bloom (does that daydream make me seem old?  who do the kids fawn over these days?)

But I love a good mascara, so I was excited to discover Lashem’s ‘Extensions in a Bottle’ Mascara.  With a 1-2-3 swipe, I quickly had eyelashes that looked just as good (if not better) than if I had spent countless time with some falsies.  And if there’s one thing I love more than a good mascara, it’s expedience!


What’s the secret?  The mascara tube has opposing sides – one is your standard mascara, and the other side has BONDING FIBERS and PRIMER!  You put on the mascara as usual, then swipe on again from the fiber side, and top it off with the mascara once more.  The fibers simply bind to your eyelashes and make them fuller.

As a bonus, the mascara itself is quite volumizing, but in addition it has a special lash serum that will make your natural lashes more fuller after extended use.  You know those commercials with the eyelash catching fire on the birthday cake?  Yeah, that’s never going to be me!

Lashem’s ‘Extensions in a Bottle’ retails for $30, and definitely worth every penny (especially when you consider how much you’d drop on conventional falsies, am I right or am I right?).  Check ‘em out for yourself, and let me know what you think!



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Firmoo Glasses (Get Yours Free!)

I was a tiny first-grader the year I was prescribed glasses.  At the time, I thought my pink plastic frames were dope, but my peers quickly led me to realize I was incorrect (this was the nineties, so obviously biker shorts > spectacles?)  With this rocky start, it’s surprising that I actually wore glasses on a daily basis through my second year of college.  That’s right, I was 19 years old before I even considered contacts.

A few years into contacts, and I started wearing frames again every so often.  I’ll go through phases, where I switch into them after a migraine, or because I want to look erudite, or perhaps I yet again waited too long to cash in on my annual eye insurance allowance. (Admit it, you wait until New Year’s Eve to order new contacts, too.  My optician told me so.)

So when I look for frames, I have quite the discerning eye.  It has to be a pair worthy of shelf space.  It has to be one that adds to my wardrobe instead of detracts.  And it has to be a pair that withstand two daughters under the age of three and what they can do to a pair of delicate lenses (the possibilities of destruction are endless…..)

<<Drumroll of excitement>> Firmoo reached out to me with the perfect pair of frames that meet all of those requirements.  I’ve been wearing them pretty much non-stop since I took them out of their package.



That last statement is especially impressive because they’re non-prescription lenses.  That’s right, purely aesthetic.  #SoHipster

But seriously, my husband suggested I follow through and get prescription lenses for the frames, since they’ve quickly become a fashion-forward wardrobe staple.

Are you as excited about these frames as I am?  If so, get ready to have your world rocked – Firmoo has renewed their ‘First Pair Free‘ program, so you get case + frames at no cost (you do pay for prescription lenses, but Hello!)

Grab a pair.  Let me see your look.  I’m now off to get a few more frames for myself…..

LaBella Secret Valentine Swap

If there’s one thing I adore more than getting a package in the mail, it’s putting together a package for someone else.  So I was super excited when LaBella, a makeup and beauty chat group that I’m a part of, decided to do a Valentine’s Day swap.  It’s a chance to bond with someone that you don’t even know IRL (in real life), and spread a little cheer.

In putting together the package for my Secret Valentine, I included a subtle mix of items I knew she might like (social media stalking?  #guilty) and my very own favorites.  Isn’t it exciting to discover an item through someone else?  I’ve fallen in love with some of my favorite Holy Grail items that way!!



Secret Valentine Goodies Pre-Packaging


Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics ($29): Naked 2 is my favorite of the three UD cult palettes, and the Basics collection is just as phenomenal.  It’s a selection of matte eyeshadows that works on pretty much every skin tone, for both day and night looks.  Love that versatility!  In my opinion, you don’t even need to worry about an eye primer (although I do always prime when using Naked on the Run).

Milani Runway Eyes ($8/each): I love the packaging of these shadows just as much as the shadows themselves.  And the colors are so yummy!  I hope my SV enjoys Girls Luv Pink, Peaches & Cream, and Lily White.  (Fun fact: they have a luster to them because they’re baked on Italian terra-cotta tiles!)


Prada Candy: A little birdie told me that my SV loved this scent, and is there any wonder?  It smells amazing, and is nice if you enjoy more subtle scents.

RevelationsRx Masks: I can’t get enough of these!  I hope my SV enjoys this as much as I do.  It’s the ultimate one-hour facial relaxation.


Sebastian Volupt Spray: If you want hair with volume, but that keeps (or gains?) softness, then you need to check out this line of Salon Haircare at drugstore prices.  A ‘best kept secret’, if you ask me.

Sephora Collection Kiss Me Balm ($8/each): You’ve heard me mention before how fun these are.  And in colors like Strawberry Fizz and Cotton Candy, how can you pass them up for the holiday of love?

Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Ellarie ($5): Yes, you read that right.  Colour Pop Lippie Stix are $5.  For realz.  This is a beautiful matte lip collaboration in cranberry.  Perfect on its own, but I’d love to see it as an ombre.

Of course, no VDay swap would be complete without some holiday goodies – some bling bling,  cuddly pal, and a scarf (I hope my SV loves to accessorize as much as I do).

So Happy Love Day to all.  And if you’re surprising someone with something sweet, share the deets.  I’d love to discover something new!!