CoverFX Contour Kit

Contouring is all the rage right now, so I decided to go ahead and jump down that rabbit hole.  I actually have always performed what I like to call ‘contour light’ as part of my makeup routine, adhering to the bronzer-blush-highlight trilogy.  This has been incredibly easy with my Naked on the Run palette.

In the world of ‘contour kits’, I actually had a Smashbox collection but found that I never used it despite it having good reviews.  I recently passed it on to a better home, simply because I didn’t need another set of powders when I was trying to use up the myriad of options I already had.

However, I received a CoverFX sample in the mail, and picked up another kit at Sephora’s ‘Beauty Before Brunch’ event last weekend, so I felt the universe wanted me to try it.  Now, the first sample was in a neutral medium shade; the kit from the event was in a light shade.  I know myself, and I own up to my pasty complexion, so I was almost certain before going in that the light shade would be best for me, especially when it came to the deep contour, but I tried the medium out for the sake of not letting such a deluxe sample go to waste.


What I love most about this is the cream formula.  It blends in quite seamlessly compared to the powders, and I think it has a longer wear because of that.  I did not even use a setting powder after blending, but I had put on a primer/foundation before application.  Now, I know Smashbox has the cream sticks, but I haven’t tried those yet.  And as appealing as drawing with a crayon is, I do enjoy the contour brush that CoverFX has out right now: a small end for application, and a larger end for blending.  You do need to blend quickly and consistently, though, to avoid any ‘dirty’ spots from the deeper colors.

To learn more about my first date with CoverFX, or the rest of my Lynchburg journey, check out my vlog:

Spring Must Have: Tulle Skirt

Flashback to the Spring 2015 Runway shows, and how could you forget Christopher Kane’s tulle perfection?  As soon as it walked down the runway, I knew that it was the trend every girl dreams about.  But how do you take ballerina couture and work it into your everyday wardrobe?  It’s easier than you think!


With a little inspiration from Burberry, I took my minty tulle skirt and paired it with a color explosion: a gorgeous floral blazer from Banana Republic that reminds me of dyed Easter eggs and a confectioner’s wet dream.


I’m all about contrasting color, so I love the bright yellow of my J. Crew heels.  Pop on two statement rings (that’s right, don’t be shy) and a pastel mini-clutch, and voila!  You’re ready to hop away to wherever Spring takes you.


This Pauline Ring reminds me of robin eggs, or a Turks & Caicos Spring Break!

Enjoy the sunshine, and let me know what you’re loving right now!

Floral Pants + Embellished Sweater

I find that the best way to transition into this frosty ‘It’s Spring, but there’s still snow on the ground’ phase is simple: pair some loose-fitting printed trousers (flora + fauna = ideal) with some layered tops (I like a see-through Oxford & a unique sweater).  Throw on some kitten heels to show the remaining sidewalk ice that you’re not afraid.  Voila!




Sweater: Ann Taylor / Trousers: J. Crew / Shoes: Jimmy Choo


This adorable pink clutch from Kate Spade is from High Heels & Tutus – Thanks lovely!


What are you doing to prepare for Spring?


Why RevelationsRX Works Better + GIVEAWAY!

A little over a month ago, you might remember that I tried a new mask system from RevelationsRX.  I felt the results almost immediately, and loved it so much that I even sent some masks to my Secret Valentine!

But the true test of any product is what the results are like a month or so down the line.  Are they consistent?  Does it work at first, and then you no longer need it?  Well, I am so happy to say that RevelationsRX has made my skin bouncy and supple, so much that I’m moisturizing a bit less than before.  I’ve been enjoying one of each mask (face + eye) every Monday, and then ‘touching up’ with the rollerballs throughout the week.  If I had to sum it up in one word, ‘hydration’ astoundingly comes to mind.  In fact, my genetically dark under-eye circles are disappearing.  Can you beat that?


Deep penetration technology utilized by RevelationsRX = ‘Good Morning, Beautiful!’

Because of all this, I am SUPER EXCITED to be hosting a giveaway so that one lucky reader can win a RevelationsRX experience.  Take a moment to enter below, you won’t regret it!  All you have to do is visit this page and then leave a blog comment letting me know how you plan to incorporate the mask into your skincare routine, or what skincare need you feel you most need addressed.

But wait – there’s more!  I hate leaving readers out, so in case you don’t win, you can still take advantage of a SPECIAL PROMOTION.  The trial pack of RevelationsRX is normally $24.99, but you can receive it for $19.99 ($5 off!) — just enter code LQRRX20 here!


Brush Upgrade: Mac 217

Remember back in January, when I did a brush analysis to start the year off right and upgrade my application game?  Well, it’s March now, and I have made two important discoveries so far.  Firstly, I had a brush that I didn’t really use but still found valuable for its uniqueness – and I now use it to apply clay face masks.  Hoo-rah!  But secondly – I received numerous comments from readers telling me that the two eyeshadow brushes I had (Sephora & Mirabella) were fine and dandy, but Mac 217 is where it’s at.  So apologies for being behind this cult bandwagon, but thanks for hooking a girl up because I seriously don’t know how I went so long without this magic addition.  Mac 217 is #OnFleek.


Can we also all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this Mac ‘Ether’ shadow?

Basically, Mac 217 fills a ‘blending’ hole that I had.  I was having issues with crease pigmentation and that’s now solved.  I think the Mirabella brush was a little too fluffy to get the job done.  And the Mac 217 also works with cream products, and for those of us who have hopped on the ColourPop bandwagon, you know that’s key.  Sometimes a finger just won’t quite cut it.

So huge thanks to everyone who recommended this brush; if you don’t have it – go get it!  Any other brush recommendations?  Keep ’em coming!

Special Delivery from Scentbird

Just when you think you’ve seen all of the subscription services out there, one pops up to reignite the excitement.  That ‘one’ happens to be Scentbird.  It’s a monthly service that delivers a 30-day supply of perfume right to your door.  Ah-mazing.


“Perfume follows you, it chases you and lingers behind you.  It’s a reference mark.  Perfume makes silence talk.” ~ Sonia Rykiel

But wait – there’s more than just olfactory assuagement involved here.  This isn’t your standard ‘subscribe and get the same box everyone else does and hope for the best’ monthly service.  Each month your perfume is customized.  In fact, the sophisticated ‘Scentbird Experience‘ (phrase coined by moi) takes you through a two-pronged survey of questions to ensure your individual persuasions are kept in mind.  The first series of questions are rather general [ example I’m making up off the top of my head: ‘I prefer things that smell like a) spices, b) candy, c) woods, d) grapefruit ], followed by more particular selections [ paraphrased example: ‘A perfume I’ve used before and like is: a) Daisy, b) Florabotanica, c) Angel, and so on and so forth].

Once you’ve completed this painless process, you are met with a selection of perfumes that are most-likely to appeal to you.  I found the choices pretty spot on.  But, since Scentbird aims to please, you also have the option to ‘override’ the suggestions and take it upon yourself to choose from the entire scent library.  In essence, you have nothing to lose.

The very first month your subscription comes with a super-spiffy purse spray that holds the vial, and you can keep this and refill pretty easily as the new selections arrive.  After you’ve had a chance to enjoy your new scent, you can also rate the scents online, and the more you rate the better your recommendations become.

‘So, what scent did you get, Susan?’  Glad you asked!  My March pick was Anna Sui’s ‘La Vie De Boheme’, described by the designer as a lifestyle for the woman ‘who is a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic.  In essence, it’s truly the modern woman.’  Think of a floral-fruity scent with a woody background – Turkish rose, sparkling pear, and berries combined with peony, symbolizing good fortune, beauty and friendship.

I can raise a toast to that – and to Scentbird.  Check them out!

Mint for March: Handbag Edition

I love green.  We know that the Pantone-declared emerald obsession definitely had its place in my style files.  Although emerald gave way to Radiant Orchid, and now Marsala, March is here: which means green-wearing suburbanites are popping up everywhere!  So I decided to spruce things up a little, stay true to this Spring’s neutral palette, and declare March a Mint-inspired month.

The weekend was filled with a park outing, and my favorite park spot in town reminds me of the Irish countryside.  Because of this, I not only tried my hand at Irish Beef Stew (the distinction of ‘beef’ is important, because ‘Irish Stew’ would imply lamb — fun fact!) but tried out a new version of what I like to call ‘Equestrian Prep':


Sweater & Skirt: J. Crew; Shoes: Dolce Vita

The handbag is Lily Wang, a designer I discovered on 9th & Elm.  For fun Spring pieces, I encourage you to check out the line.


Are you wearing mint this month?  Send me your pics!

TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask

After many, many mask trials – and many, many recommendations from readers to try a clay mask – I was super excited for the opportunity to experience TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask.  I’m no longer a #ClayMaskVirgin !!

Hands down, the most exciting part of this mask experience for me was the chance to transport myself to high school chemistry class once again – or at least spice up my kitchen.  You take a little of the powder, scoop it into a bowl, mix with equal parts water, and voila!  Ready to apply an even layer across your face.  (Bonus: Remember my Brush post?  I finally found a use for that Royal brush!)

The mask suggests using raw apple cider for a more ‘intense’ detoxification, but I wasn’t brave enough to go that route on the first get-go.  I am experiencing some minor blemishes and acne as my skin (and hormones) change post partum, and I think you could definitely feel the mask taking care of those as it dried on the face.  It wiped off very easily with some warm water, though, and my skin feels SUPER soft.  Application time is recommended at 10-30 minutes, depending on desired intensity – I was on the low end of that estimate.  I can’t imagine the magic that might have occurred had I kept it on longer.

Other exciting aspects of this mask: it’s handmade in Traverse City, Michigan! (You know I love to support small business)  It’s all natural, with ‘No Bad Stuff!’ — only three ingredients: clay blend, epsom salt, 100% collagen (aha! that explains the baby soft skin!  Mama likey…..)


Obligatory awkward mask photo to #KeepItReal

I’ve already convinced my husband to try this mask in the next few days.  If you’d like to join the #Loveyourself movement …. [insert Robin Thicke voice: You Know You Wanna’] …. check them out at or on Twitter: @supermodelmomma1 or @truselforganics

Pura d’or Hair & Body Care

The quest for the perfect hair care continues!  This weekend I switched over to Pura d’Or, which is the first of my hair care products to utilize Argan Oil.  I loved, loved, loved my switch to an Argan Oil mascara, so I had high hopes going into the shower with this new line.


You can’t tell from this photo, but the shampoo/conditioner comes with a pump. #Clutch

Pro #1:  If you often read the blog, you’ll know that (having just given birth to Princess #2) I’m right in the thick of the post-partum hair shed.  As my excess locks thin back out, and my excess hormone levels start to plummet, I can’t help but think the hair is looking a little limp.  The conditioner in this line seemed to add a bit of a volume boost, which is just what I needed.  (Now if it will only stay fluffy and not frizzy in this wintry weather…..)

Pro #2: The Pure & Organic Argan Oil for skin definitely moisturized, and I’m hoping it will live up to its claim of reducing scars.  I have a few pregnancy stamps on my face still that could use a little TLC.  I normally don’t have dry skin, but the extenuating circumstances of this winter have made it a bit challenging lately to avoid the issue.

To check the products out for yourself, visit their website:

Be sure to let me know what you think, and I’ll keep you updated as I continue to try out the products for their long-term effect.


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#Dressgate: Black, Blue, Gold, White?

Just a quick post to check-in. This weekend we made a fun trip to see the mother-in-law and stopped by Rivermont Pizza, which I continue to say is THE BEST pizza in the United States. Or the world – and I feel like I can say this because I’ve had quite a few slices of pizza in Denmark. But I’ll try to contain that claim, since I have admittedly never had pizza in China, and we all know that’s where it was first perfected.

In light of the past week’s #Dressgate (if you’ve been living under a rock, this was a viral discussion over which of your friends were smart enough to detect photo filters and which weren’t) I wanted to give this color palette a whirl.





I can’t help but ask – which team were you on?