#SaveTheUndies !!!

I love Spring.  Bulky sweaters out, sundresses in.  Creams and whites and pastels, oh my!  But as any twenty-something might tell you, hemlines aren’t the only ‘risky’ business that you have to start worrying about.  Aunt Flo is still coming to town – who can resist a good BBQ? – and you have to suit up and become an #UnderwearWarrior.

I’ve had my share of outfit snafus in the past.  Balenciaga heels that snapped on cobblestone during a (no-longer-perfect) first date.  A DVF shift that just WOULD NOT stay tied – hello cleavage!  Perhaps worst of all, a beautiful date function dress that met a slow drowning thanks to the Crimson Tide.

Let’s talk about that dress, because that catastrophe is also when I first realized that men are idiots.  I had been dating my then-boyfriend for a year (don’t worry, we continued dating for another year after the incident – have hope ladies!), and as I rushed upstairs in his fraternity house to quickly change into some PJs (I mean, seriously, cream cocktail dress with a bullseye forming on the back?  You’d wear sweats, too!) we had THE CONVERSATION.  This deserves capitalization because in the ten minutes of incredulity that followed, I learned that he believed a girl’s period was like a casual trip to the restroom – you sat down, quickly handled business, poof, done until next month.  So yes, he wrongly thought that this unexpected visit was a result of being too slow on the trigger.  I quickly filled him in on the realities of ‘that time of the month’, but the entire incident is laughable.  TAKE NOTE:  a casual workroom conversation ten years later has revealed that more than one man holds this fallacy.  Which is ridiculous.  How can educated gentleman have absolutely no concept of the workings of the female body?  [No need to answer that.]

But back to the present!  I’m going on six months postpartum, so this Spring I’m pencilling in that unexpected knock-knock from the favorite Aunt.  And when that time comes, I am ready to save my cream rompers and no-line briefs.  I’m stocked up on U by Kotex Clean Wear, with a 3D Capture Core.  Not only are they ultra thin and keep you dry, they come in pretty pastel wrappers that you can easily throw into your favorite Spring purse.  I’m currently loving the pads (super soft!), but have already checked out the pantyliners and tampons.


YOU, dear ladies, can also try them out by utilizing my free sample link.  Trust me, with these leak free capabilities, you won’t have to fret about having an enlightening conversation with the man in your life.


Many thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to become an #UnderWarrior!


#SampleSunday: Briogeo Rosarco Milk

It was a sad morning, because I emptied my favorite Joico K-Pak.  So I did something that I normally skip in my hair routine, and utilized some Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray.  We have a jam-packed schedule today, and I knew I couldn’t blow-dry my hair without giving it some proper hydration.


I’m so happy that our garden is blooming this year!!

Verdict: Love this!  I always worry about heat-drying my hair because it tends to be on the dry side, and I don’t want to make the strands any more brittle than they already are.  This seemed to immediately penetrate the shaft and fix those woes, leaving it soft and manageable.

I’m not sure why, but based on the color I was expecting it to come out of the nozzle a little creamy or mousse-like.  Not at all!  It’s really light-weight, and the packaging has an excellent nozzle.  I felt that it was so easy to spritz evenly throughout the hair (from mid-shaft to ends), and the product was well-disbursed without having to work it through with my hands.

As an added bonus, it smells Ah-Mazing!  The ‘Rosarco’ blend comes from rosehip, argan, and coconut oil, so I was expecting one or more of those elements to come through in the scent; however, what you actually experience is a clean, fresh smell that might just be far superior to any other expectations.  The scent does not linger on the hair, so no issues when layering other products.

Would I purchase this full-size ($20)?  I’m not a leave-in conditioner type of girl, so I’m going to work my way through this sample and see what kind of difference I see long-term.  It does claim to ‘Nourish. Repair. Renew’ – if it does indeed repair, that would be phenomenal, especially going into the summer months.  As of now – first impressions make a big difference, and so far I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this product.

Do you use a leave-in conditioner?  Let me know in the comments!

Origins Ginger Float

We know I love baths – there’s just something so relaxing in a long soak.  And I adhere to a regimen of bath bombs …. bubble bars … bath salts…. you name it!  What surprised my husband recently, however, was that I had never (yes, truly, not that I could remember) soaked in a cream bubble bath.  Like… ever….

So this past week, I began intermittently using Origin’s Ginger Float, which is a Cream Bubble Bath that retails for $29 (17.6 oz).  And whereas I’ve been enjoying myself, I have to admit that I prefer my other bath products and will probably not repurchase.  That being said, it has its positive attributes, so if you’re cream bath kind of gal, read on!


Pros: The ginger scent is amazing.  And, per my preference, it’s pleasing during the bath and leaves a nice, soothing aroma in the air, but doesn’t scent your skin.  Perfecto.  10 points for that one.  I also thought that it had muscle relaxing qualities very similar to the bath salts that I use (although, maybe that’s just because I bathe in scalding hot water) – if the soothing was indeed attributed to this bubble bath, then the scent makes the product far superior to plain salts.

Cons:  I have no frame of reference for this, since I don’t use cream bath products.  But I feel like you have to use SO MUCH of this product for mediocre results.  The jar does say to “generously” scoop, but I found I was pretty much pouring huge dollops into the bathwater to get even a small amount of bubbles.  I hereby take back any complaints I’ve ever had about any Lush product not foaming enough.  Based on current use, I would say this will last approximately six baths total, or about $5/bath.  For that price, I’d much rather use something fun from our Canadian friends.  Am I right, or am I right?

So let me know what you think – have you tried Origins Ginger Float and had a different experience?  Use another cream bath and want to give me a recommendation before I write-off the entire genre?  Details, please!

Pura D’Or Argan Oil Update + GIVEAWAY!

Remember in March, when I started using the Pura D’Or line?  Well, my initial results were fantastic, and I promised a check in…. I’m so happy to report that two months later, the product is still fabulous!

I’ve actually started applying it regularly to my nails, and it seems to have strengthened them and (dare I say it?) helped with faster growth.  I’m constantly breaking off my nails, but I’m not seeing that as an issue any longer.


Even more exciting: you have a chance to win these products for yourself just by liking the brand on Instagram!  Pure D’Or is selecting 50 (!) winners, who will receive a gift set valued at $75.99:

– 1 Premium Organic Argan Argan Oil Based Hair Loss prevention Therapy Shampoo
– 1 Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner, Lavender Vanilla
– 1 Pure and Organic Argan Oil


 This is a Sponsored Post powered by Brandbacker

#SampleSunday: GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

It’s been a few months since I’ve had a mask that ‘Wows’ me, and I am over-the-moon that I gave the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment a chance.  Several readers emailed me recommendations for this mask after I tried the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask in January, but I’d been putting it off.  I wanted to try a sample first, but right out of the gate I will tell you that I’m counting down the days until I use it again, and I see it becoming a hydrating mask staple.



It really is hydrating!  So many masks claim to be, but we all know that often the feeling doesn’t last.  This genuinely penetrates the skin barrier and leaves it soft, smooth, and moist the next day.  It’s safe enough to wear overnight, but I washed it off after about 15 minutes with GREAT results.

I did notice a little bit of stinging in the cheek area, but that tends to be the only area on my skin that gets really irritated.  But after a while, the sting subsided and it seemed to have a 360 calming effect.

And the smell?  Amazing.  The ingredients suggest that it’s apple – to me, it smelled like papaya and oatmeal.  I say that in the best way possible.  I actually went downstairs to have my husband and his brother (visiting all the way from New Orleans) legitimately SMELL MY FACE.  You can’t get much more hyped than that.

True test: would I purchase this?  Absolutely.  The best thing about this is that the small-sized jar (0.5 oz) is only $19, so if you’re like me and like to alternate between masks, you don’t feel like you’re wasting or stock-piling the larger jars.

Have you tried ThirstyMud?  What are your thoughts?  Any other hydrating masks I need to consider?

Red Lips, Pt. 2

Back in November, I suggested 5 Red Lipsticks For the Holiday Season and received a ton of comments and suggestions from readers.  So it naturally made sense to revisit the collection, do a little bit of Spring Cleaning, and think about any new additions.  I’m so glad I dove into things this way, because I realized two things: 1) I continue to accrue red lipsticks and 2) a lot of them are very similar!  Out with the old, in with the new, yay to the favorites!


Out With The Old:  Sonia Kashuk in Red Orange.  It’s a great budget buy, but I find that I’d much rather turn to my YSL when the red-mood strikes.  Same with Sonia Kashuk in Classic Red.  But if you’re just starting your red collection, or want to experiment without spending the big bucks, both of these are amazing options.  I’m also clearing out Sephora Collection ‘Kiss Me Balm’ in Candy Apple.  I continue to think it’s a great gift, but it works best with a lip brush and ain’t no girl with a plethora of red options got time for that!

In With The NewCailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple.  I received this in an Ipsy Glam Bag, and I think I fell for it mostly because of the novelty.  There is a brush in the lid, for crying out loud.  Whoever thought of this design was a genius.  I also love the idea of a balm, because I feel like it’s actually doing something for my lips.  Also, #CurrentlyObsessed with Covergirl in ‘Succulent Cherry’ – I can’t get over the smell.  I even mentioned it in a recent vlog, which I’ll link down below!  Finally, Nars in Jungle Red (because duh!)

Still A Favorite: Nars in Manhunt.  I’m spoken for, but like the name suggests, this is for a confident woman on the prowl.  (In my case, on the prowl for shoes.  Hubba hubba!)  Also Nars in Cruella (#addicted).

Let me know what reds you’re carrying over into Spring!  Anyone else as obsessed with Nars as I am?

Moon’s Harvest Baby Bath Bombs

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you’ll know that in Mid-March I discovered a wonderful little company called Moon’s Harvest, a bath & body shop located in Mineola, Texas.  I wasn’t sure what kind of expectations to have, but as soon as I plopped the first Baby Bath Bomb into my tub I was a convert.  The saying is true: they just do things better in Texas.  To add to my euphoria, the prices are phenomenal – a six pack of baby bath bombs is only $18 (if you’re used to buying products from, say, Lush Cosmetics, you’ll immediately recognize how amazing this is).  But wait, are you ready: a six pack of the baby bath bombs are FREE with a $50 order.  Bazinga!

Margarita:  I hit the jackpot on the first try, because after trying all six bombs this was definitely in the top three.  Now, I wouldn’t actually think about bathing in something that smells like a margarita, and this definitely does, but once you dive into the experience, it’s not half bad.  Great for a long soak with a book.


Black Raspberry Vanilla:  Another pleasant experience with try #2.  There was a little dissonance in my expectations, because I was soaking in the sweet smells of summer while watching a snow storm.  This is definitely a feminine scent.


Cheeks of Roses: The Heavens sang when this bath bomb was invented.  I plopped it into the water, hoping for a nice soak while reading Shakespeare.  The water color changed ever so subtly, which took me by surprise compared to the vibrant shades of the previous bombs.  A lone flower petal floated languidly on the surface.  But a few minutes passed, and the smell developed into the most pleasing scent.  My husband, who is not a fan of girly bathroom smells, agreed that it was absolutely phenomenal.  It was also the only scent to linger on my skin afterwards.  I did not want to drain the bath when I was finished.  I would purchase this bomb time and time again.  Hands down the best of the bunch, which I was not expecting based on preconceptions.


Hippy Chick: Fun bath bomb, but perhaps more appealing to the teen crowd?  Perfect for a Sweet 16 basket?  The smell was pleasant, but I just could not place it.  It taunted me the entire time.  The bluest water you will ever see.  LSD?


Mt Dew:  This bath bomb is true to its name.  Very similar to Margarita, but slightly more of a lemon scent and slightly more yellow-green in terms of water color?


Lemon Grass Lemon:  I saved this for last because I didn’t have high expectations.  Maybe it was the saturation of citrus in this pack of random bombs, but I didn’t think it would ‘wow’ me.  Well, lo and behold, we ended this pack on a high note.  The citrus seemed most pleasing in this bomb, and the bath water not quite as ‘Hulk Green’.  I will say that it seemed to not have as many oils as the other bombs, but that could have been coincidence.  Overall, I would say this is actually an incredibly good bath bomb to buy – I think it’s universally pleasing.



Have you tried anything from Moon’s Harvest?  What are your favorite bath bombs?

Thom Browne Inspired Floral Jacket

Secret confession: I am obsessed with Men’s Fashion.  Whenever something successful comes down a men’s runway, my heart flutters.  My husband wears dip-dye and purple like a champ, and when he randomly yet casually mentioned Thierry Mugler (correctly) in conversation early on in our romance, I knew he’d be the man I married.

What do I love best about men’s fashion?  Borrowing from the boys and converting those ideas into a feminine look.  So when I saw the Thom Browne 2015 Spring/Summer Mens Show, with its structured jackets in pastels and florals, paired so strategically with primary colors for accents, I knew I had to find an equally spectacular jacket to call my own.


Once again, Zara never disappoints.  I paired this gorgeous jacket with a blouse from Elizabeth & Clarke, some coral skinnies from J.Brand, and a pair of stilettos from BCBG.


I never know what to expect with Spring weather, so I always try to pick an outfit that stands on its own, in case I need to lose the outerwear.


Have you found a good statement jacket this season?

CoverFX Contour Kit

Contouring is all the rage right now, so I decided to go ahead and jump down that rabbit hole.  I actually have always performed what I like to call ‘contour light’ as part of my makeup routine, adhering to the bronzer-blush-highlight trilogy.  This has been incredibly easy with my Naked on the Run palette.

In the world of ‘contour kits’, I actually had a Smashbox collection but found that I never used it despite it having good reviews.  I recently passed it on to a better home, simply because I didn’t need another set of powders when I was trying to use up the myriad of options I already had.

However, I received a CoverFX sample in the mail, and picked up another kit at Sephora’s ‘Beauty Before Brunch’ event last weekend, so I felt the universe wanted me to try it.  Now, the first sample was in a neutral medium shade; the kit from the event was in a light shade.  I know myself, and I own up to my pasty complexion, so I was almost certain before going in that the light shade would be best for me, especially when it came to the deep contour, but I tried the medium out for the sake of not letting such a deluxe sample go to waste.


What I love most about this is the cream formula.  It blends in quite seamlessly compared to the powders, and I think it has a longer wear because of that.  I did not even use a setting powder after blending, but I had put on a primer/foundation before application.  Now, I know Smashbox has the cream sticks, but I haven’t tried those yet.  And as appealing as drawing with a crayon is, I do enjoy the contour brush that CoverFX has out right now: a small end for application, and a larger end for blending.  You do need to blend quickly and consistently, though, to avoid any ‘dirty’ spots from the deeper colors.

To learn more about my first date with CoverFX, or the rest of my Lynchburg journey, check out my vlog:

Spring Must Have: Tulle Skirt

Flashback to the Spring 2015 Runway shows, and how could you forget Christopher Kane’s tulle perfection?  As soon as it walked down the runway, I knew that it was the trend every girl dreams about.  But how do you take ballerina couture and work it into your everyday wardrobe?  It’s easier than you think!


With a little inspiration from Burberry, I took my minty tulle skirt and paired it with a color explosion: a gorgeous floral blazer from Banana Republic that reminds me of dyed Easter eggs and a confectioner’s wet dream.


I’m all about contrasting color, so I love the bright yellow of my J. Crew heels.  Pop on two statement rings (that’s right, don’t be shy) and a pastel mini-clutch, and voila!  You’re ready to hop away to wherever Spring takes you.


This Pauline Ring reminds me of robin eggs, or a Turks & Caicos Spring Break!

Enjoy the sunshine, and let me know what you’re loving right now!